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   If you have just come across this posting, welcome.  It seems to rank high with Google.  The topic being mining salaries, wages, and executive compensation that is understandable.  There is indeed information on salaries in this posting, so please read on.  May I, however, urge you also to take a look at more recent postings on this blog on mining salaries, wages, benefits, and executive compensation.   Here are some links:

Now for the original posting:  From the National Association of Colleges and Employees (NACE), which bills itself as a site “dedicated to the employment of the college educated” comes this report on the salaries of new graduates:


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   I have spent the past thirty to forty years as a consultant, primarily to the mining industry.  There was a ten-year time-out when I consulted to the California landfill industry in order to tide over one of those down-turns in the mining industry.  But for the past five years I have been back at the mantle of mining.  During that time, I have, I think, worked to the benefit of my clients and helped advance the careers of some of the younger folk.  (more…)

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   We note without comment this statement by Rio Tinto on their web site regarding the conviction of executives for taking bribes:  (more…)

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The details are murky and muddled.  The report at this link explains some of it, the worst part being;

The Nevada mining industry is now under pressure from a petition being circulated by labor unions, conservation groups, teachers’ unions and others which would remove constitutional protections for taxation of Nevada mining. A district court judge Monday estimated the change in language would increase Nevada mining taxation by 300%. (more…)

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I am back in Fort McMurray where the temperature is going down to minus thirty tonight.  I am involved in consulting to folk who work the oil sands mines.  Most is confidential although some of it is already in technical papers that you can easily find under my name in the InfoMine library; and other papers may well appear at the Tailings and Mine Waste 2010 conference scheduled in late October in Vail, Colorado.  (more…)

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   From FOX 5 News in Las Vegas come this report: 

A lawyer representing the mining industry says they will consider appealing after a Carson City judge refused to block a ballot measure that would dramatically increase mining taxes.   The Nevadans for Fair Mining Taxes initiative would amend the state constitution. The judge agreed it should be reworded, meaning supporters will have to re-file the petition and start over collecting signatures.   The head of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada is promising activists will work their “tails off harder than ever” to get the 97,000 signatures needed to get it on the November ballot.   The mining industry wanted the effort thrown out on constitutional grounds, but District Court Judge James Wilson Jr. aid he can’t rule on constitutional questions until after the voters have had their say. (more…)

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Christine Schaefer and David Daniels

The weekend is past.  Saturday we went to see the Met Opera Simon Boccanegra.  No overt sex, but lots of innuendo tantamount to incest.  Then there was intrigue, revolt, and regicide.   Tonight, we watched Partenope, a Handel opera; as I have said before Handel is pure sex to music—or pure music to sex, if you prefer it that way.  A queen, a jilted lover, and lots of counter-tenors with high voices in love.  Traitors or infidelity, pure and simple. (more…)

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