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A group of professors sat around a table in a glass-clad building and wondered why they are not involved in oil sands mining. They talked of getting funding for a new professorial chair—why does the oil sands industry not sponsor a chair at our university?  They bemoaned the fact that none of their students wants to go and work at the oil sands mines. (more…)

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To repeat an email from Jamie Caswell of the National Mining Association—seems like a spark of good news in an otherwise contrary scene:

Last year, our Minerals Make Life program raised awareness about the contribution of minerals to economic growth, innovation and national security in America. Thanks to these efforts, we saw the momentum around the minerals conversation grow in Washington and throughout the country.

  • In this video, Carol Raulston, senior vice president of communications for the National Mining Association, provides a recap of key findings and milestones from 2011 that will help enhance our efforts advocating for smart mining in 2012, including:
  • Reports by the U.S. Department of Defense and PricewaterhouseCoopers that revealed the importance of a steady minerals supply to the U.S. military and hi-tech and automotive sectors, among others;
  • The introduction of the “Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011” by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), aiming for an in-depth analysis of our nation’s minerals needs and the ability to meet those needs domestically; and
  • The passage of a similar bill by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), the “National Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011,” which received bipartisan approval in the House Committee on Natural Resources in June 2011.

As we begin the new year, we must remain focused on advocating sound policies that promote a strong U.S. minerals mining sector and improve our economy. We hope you will support our efforts by sharing this video with your I Think Mining readers.

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The news wires are abuzz with the announcement that Obama has caved into his party’s environmental wing and killed the Keystone pipeline that would have carried Canadian oil to the refineries along the gulf coast.  Obama spluttered some words about reducing car fuel consumption as a way of making up for the jobs the pipeline would have generated.  Let us face it: Obama has caved to the environmentalist who threatened to withdraw their support if he did not kill the pipeline.  One of those fancy magazines that I read a while ago had an article by Bill McKibben spelling out the full threat.   Here is one report on his role: (more…)

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A short note to those who follow this blog regularly and to all others who may come across this posting.  Just posted in the InfoMine Library are two collations of 2011 pieces from this blogs.  They are:

Opera 2011.  This is a collation of all the postings in 2011 on opera.  An eclectic collection of opinions on some of the operas that I saw or listened to last year.

Best of Blog.   My personal selection of what I think of as the better postings from last year.


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From Deloitte a new report Tracking the trends 2012, The top 10 trends mining companies may face in the coming year.  The report starts with this quote: (more…)

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What with Welsh miners in the news and possibly becoming a feature of the presidential election, let us turn to a story of the death of four miners last year in a Welsh coal mine. Here is what Queen Elizabeth said in her Christmas message about the deaths: (more…)

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With Mitt Romney well on his way to being the next president, I thought it time to examine their attitudes to mining.  OK, I know there are a few more pesky elections and attacks on Romney’s for his capitalistic sins (firing excess workers at unprofitable companies) to get through, but still the news snippets are fun.  Here are a few.  (more…)

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 See PhotoNatureBlog for great photos like this.

I quote below parts of an email that I received.  I downloaded and read the report.  It is one of those reports based on asking “experts” their opinion.  There is said to be wisdom in the crowd, so let us grant the benefit of the doubt to this method of “establishing” facts, situations, and conditions.  Certainly what is reported is good news for the mining industry:  five years of minerals and metals shortage.  Surely that means more mining?  Not sure if it means more jobs, but things are looking up somewhat in that regard.  (more…)

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With the new year growing old, our thoughts turn to the conferences of 2012.  And the technical papers we may write and present.  I am reminded of this by today’s email on the soon to be first meeting to set about organizing Tailings and Mine Waste 2012.  So soon, so soon after the last conference? (more…)

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The news is that the area around the Grand Canyon is off-limits to uranium mining for the next 20 years.

The Obama administration has banned new mining near the Grand Canyon, an area known to be rich in high-grade uranium ore reserves, the Associated Press reported. (more…)

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