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There is no such thing as an average miner.  There is no such thing as an average salary.  Yet we can get some idea of how well mining people are paid by looking at the average salaries for 2011 on U.S. Metal and Industrial Metal Mines.  Here are some averages from the recently published CostMine, 2011 Survey Results for U.S. Metal and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  I give the average in thousands of dollars. (more…)

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Being a Sunday I took long walks through the city.  Here are some pictures of things that caught my attention. 

A typical street scene with public clock and advert.


The copper man–indeed a live human all dolled up in copper. 

The spires of the cathederal in the main square. 

This is the statue of Pedro de Valdivia.  I think he was the fellow who founded the city.

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Before coming to Santiago, I had thought of Chile as a place of copper mines.  Today I learnt that gold was and is a major mined product of Chile.  Today I lunched with two young geologists exploring the hillsides above an old placer deposit which, they tell me, financed the founding of Santiago and ultimately the country itself. (more…)

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Today it rained in Santiago, Chile.  And it turned cold.  There were hawkers selling umbrellas at the entrance and exit of the metro stations that I use on the way to the office.  They were shouting paraguas and doing a brisk business selling to drenched commuters.  In Vancouver this would hardly qualify as rain, but here after many, long dry days, this is rain to be celebrated and enjoyed with a new paraguas. (more…)

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There are many guidelines for groundwater modeling.  Up until now there has been nothing specific to mining.  Now that is changed.  At this link is a guidance document specific to groundwater modeling for mines.   (more…)

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It was almost six months ago that we met at the 2011 Tailings and Mine Waste Conference in Vancouver.  It is only six months until we meet at the 2012 conference in Colorado, and before that we have to write the papers. (more…)

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Mining New Words

A totally trivial posting on words that I came across reading last night.  These three words are new to me.  At least I did not know their meaning and have no recollection of having seen them before.  Enjoy.

1. To complain in a whining voice.
2. To contort one’s face; grimace.

1. The study of the metrical structure of verse.
2. A particular system of versification.
an impulse of creative power or inspiration, esp in poetry, considered to be of divine origin (esp in the phrase divine afflatus)

[Latin, from afflātus, from afflāre to breathe or blow on, from flāre to blow]

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Can you help a Russian mining engineer?  I often get personal emails from readers of this blog seeking advice or help.   I cannot help them all; but I try to answer them all and give my opinion that might help them.  (more…)

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This is another diary item: about today’s car trip 100 kilometers north of Santiago, then to the coast, down the coast, to Valpariso, and hence back to the city.  This is magnificent, awe-inspiring county-side.  No words could fully capture it so here a few pictures.

The Headquarters of the Chilean navy. 

A navy ship at sea about to start a voyage around the world.

Part of the rocky, rugged coast.

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Mining has brought me to Santiago, Chile and will take me north to the great copper mining district.  This past week, I have met with civil and mining engineers working on a new mine.  Their challenges are water and energy to make the mine profitable.  Both water and energy are in short supply up north and we are having to adopt a new mind-set to find ways of doing things that involve less water and less energy. (more…)

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