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With this cityscape behind him, Simon Moores, Manager of Industrial Minerals Data, a part of Industrial Minerals, told us about the outlook for investing in industrial minerals in 2013.  (more…)

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A miner who believes he rightfully blew the whistle on his employers is now the center of a nasty litigation marathon—see this link.  A part of the story says this: (more…)

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It seems so obvious: at the beginning of a project set up a project schedule; monitor project progress against the schedule; and adjust the schedule, the project team, or the scope of works if things go wrong.  Yet surprisingly this is often not done.  Reason for not doing this include: inability to set up a schedule; too confident to need a schedule; a desire not to know; or simply inexperience.  I know of one senior engineering leader who cannot read a schedule—seems he is dyslexic in that regard.  (more…)

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The picture above is of the Black Swan causing havoc.  I once wrote a paper that claimed the Black Swan causes tailings failures.  The EPA picked the paper up and used it in their report on the Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay to conclude that tailings dams fail.  So here as an act of contrition are three reports on recent and upcoming tailings activities aimed at killing the Black Swan. (more…)

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In December last year the Gullbridge Tailings Dam, somewhere in Newfoundland,  failed.  Here is a link to the “best,” i.e., most comprehensive report that I can find.  Seems like an engineering report prepared about a year prior to the failure resulted in a total lack of action and, as predicted by the report, the dam failed.  Here is a link to the engineering report that lead to inaction.  (more…)

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The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854

The Westward Look hotel sits proud in the foothills of Tucson.  Down in the flats, the lights of the city sparkle and shine like a sea of energy washing over the privileged.  You know that somewhere in the pinpoints of light somebody is being robbed, beaten, raped, and maybe killed.  But violence is not the predominant activity.  Civil order is probably the norm. (more…)

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The American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 Daniel W. Mead Student Contest involves writing a 2,000 word essay on the following topic.   Below I write my own blog essay on the topic as it relates to civil engineers in mining—and there are many of us doing great work.  But first the essay topic.   (more…)

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