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A simple cover of rock is what we constructed at the 24 UMTRA piles.  Over the radioactive wastes and radon barrier was a layer of rock.  Many thought this ugly.  Personally I think a pile of rock standing proud in the landscape is beautiful: not natural, but so robust and textured that it impresses the mind and eye.

Rock was used to control, nay eliminate erosion, for 1,000 years and more.  The rock was placed to resist the forces of erosion by waters rushing down the cover.  The rock type was selected to resist decay for as long a period as we had courage to predict. (more…)

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Journalists (and bloggers) have discovered that spills are big news.  There is always the element of failure, of human ineptitude, environmental impact, and an aggrieved local ready to state that all future headaches will be attributed to the spill. The most recent is a spill of radioactive fluids at the Ranger Mine in Australia.  Here is part of the report: (more…)

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One of the miracles of the free-market system is that when one person sells a share, there is another who is buying.  Who are the current buyers when all are seemingly selling? (more…)

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The following just in from Venmyn Deloitte on reworking of old South African slimes dams or tailings facilities to use the more modern term.  All the old slimes dams around the area I grew up are gone.  The biggest loss is that big pile of yellow sand down which we would slide on corrugated cardboard boxes.  The pile was so full of uranium and gold that it was one of the first to go.  I hate to think what our radioactive exposure was as kids.  I can report no ill after-effects either from the radioactivity or from the mercury my father brought home for us to play with on the bedroom floor.  And we knew not what a seatbelt was in those heady days of vast exposure to danger.  (more…)

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In early 1983 all was well in the mining consulting world.  We had twenty people busy on a great number of mining projects: exploration; resources; site selection; design; contract documents.  All those things we did back then: no EIS; no social responsibility; no sustainable development; and no closure planning. (more…)

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The kids and grandkids have left to return to California; the bikes are packed away; the towels for swimming washed;  the plastic cups and dishes back on basement shelves; and a near-adult feel returns to the house.  (more…)

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I do not know if the following is true:  my father used to say that the only person on the mine who is assured of a new facility is the mill manager.  The reason my father gave is this: when you rework the concrete foundations of the mill you recovery so much gold that it pays for a new mill and turns a tidy profit.  Apparently, the old mill spilt so much solution that the concrete of the slabs and foundations of the mill were indurated with recoverable gold. (more…)

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