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EduMine has just posted at this link, a Spanish version of our (Bernard Brixel and my) course Introduction to Groundwater Modelling for Mines & Mining.

The English version has proven popular since it was first posted in 2013.  Now it will be easy for Spanish speakers to also do the course.

I must thank AngloGold Ashanti for sponsoring the translation.  We all owe them a vote of confidence.  For they support continuing education.

This course joins my other, associated course in English and Spanish on Groundwater in Mining.  Translation of that course was sponsored by Goldcorp.  Thanks too to them.

If you do the course, and see room for improvement, please let me know.

And keep in mind the other two courses on EduMine on groundwater modeling:

Groundwater Modeling for Mining 1 – Model Conceptualization.

Groundwater Modeling for Mining 2 –  Numerical Modeling

Bernard and my two courses and their Spanish translations are introductory–they will lead you into the topics so that you can plan, manage, review, and at the first cut, deal with groundwater in mining.  The two noted just above by my colleagues here in Robertson Geoconsultants, are detailed and best tackled once you have some background, knowledge, experience, and practical involvement.

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The title of this posting translates as Mine Water and Chemical Balance Analysis.  Today, EduMine posted at this link the Spanish language version of what has become a rather popular online course. (more…)

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Why pay if you can get it free?  A simple and profound question in today’s e-world where there is so much that is free and so much that is expensive.  I ask this question because I have just been alerted to a free course on groundwater modeling.  It is on the Dutch Portal for International Hydrology.  This is what they say of their course: (more…)

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There are many guidelines for groundwater modeling.  Up until now there has been nothing specific to mining.  Now that is changed.  At this link is a guidance document specific to groundwater modeling for mines.   (more…)

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   I have been entertaining my son and his family in Vancouver this week, so I resort for a blog topic to another of the fascinating e-mails that arrive from various people.  The one I write about came from a fellow who introduces himself thus in his first e-mail to me: (more…)

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  Design is the art of applying the principles of science in formulating practical solutions to real-life problems. Design is the act of coming up with a cost-effective way to build and operate a physical structure, whether it be a bridge, a building, a tailings impoundment, a heap leach pad, or an access road to the new mine.  Design is an act of creation; a good design comes seemingly out of nowhere; yet a good design comes from everywhere, being a reflection of past practice, knowledge, understanding, calculation, perspiration, inspiration, and judgment.  (more…)

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