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For those with a taste for trivia, here is a link to a site that lists the biggest mine open pits and the deepest mine shafts. They also have some great photos of the pits and shafts.  Well worth the click to see all this and to add to your store of “general knowledge about mining.” (more…)

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At this link is my EduMine course on Mine Closure: The Basics of Success.  One issue I do not address in the course is a looming tendency, namely should we tax existing mines to pay for closure of old mines? (more…)

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Underground is the essence of mining.  As a kid of perhaps ten-years old, my father took me a mile down a shaft of the mine where he worked as a mine captain.  Somewhat fearful, I followed him close into the vast space of metal that was the cage.  Down we sped to great noise for what seemed an eternity.  Water seeped and dripped and gushed everywhere.  All was wet.  At last we slowed, stopped, and the great metal doors clanged open.  We emerged into a great hall with dark-rock walls and soaring ceiling.  Everywhere there was metal: rails, ropes, tools, and cocopans. (more…)

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Browsing the web earlier this week I came across the site of the South African Department of Water Affairs.  There I found the following Best Practice Guidelines relevant to mine water management: (more…)

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There is more civil engineering in mining than there is mining engineering in mining.  To substantiate this controversial statement let me repeat below something I wrote a long time ago.  (more…)

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The night is waning into dawn, and the air is thick with smoke and desperate moves.  The mine mill is still churning off in the distance. The odds are against you – what to do? (more…)

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The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind when you look at the above photos. I was talking to a colleague about his trip to Timmins, Ontario for an Undergraduate Geological Engineering field trip to visit the old gold and base metal mines. I too had to share a few of my undergraduate field trip stories but my visits to a big motorway or the precast concrete factory just didn’t seem as interesting, so we will be talking about subsidence instead. (more…)

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