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At last we arrive at the top to peek at the executive compensation of U.S. mining company top brass.  This is like browsing Architectural Digest — the porn of seeing others living as we never could.  The data are from the CostMine 2014 Survey of U.S. Metal and Industrial Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefit.

The top total compensation for some lucky U.S. major mining company chairman is $55 million.  Conversely some lowly major mining company chairman earned received a mere $3 million.  The average chairman came up happy at $18 million.

Comparable numbers for the COO are $5 million at the top, $1 million at the bottom, and an average of $3 million.

Fun to note that the top CEO for a major got $10 million, the top President got $10 million, the top Vice-President got $6 million, and the top CFO got $6 million.

Turning to the bottom of the ladder, namely the Junior Mining Companies in the U.S.  Here are top/bottom/average total compensation numbers (in millions of dollars) for some job title:

  • Chairman = 1.5/1.4/1.5
  • CEO = 3.5/0.3/2.0
  • President = 3.6/1.0/2.3
  • Vice President = 2.7/0.03/0.9
  • CFO = 2.7/0.3/1.2
  • COO = 1.6/1.0/1.4

Point is that you can do well at the top of a surviving Junior Mining Company in the U.S.

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Some salaries for those working at U.S. metal and industrial mineral mines.  The data were collect the second half of 2014.  These data I take from the recently issued Cost Mine 2014 Survey Results U.S. Metal and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits. First some overall nation-wide averages by job title.  The first number is annual salary in thousands of dollars for U.S. underground mines; the second for U.S. surface mines. (more…)

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A comment on yesterday’s posting comparing wages on small versus large U.S. Metal and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits from the CostMine 2014 survey reads thus: (more…)

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I have just received the CostMine 2014 Survey Results for U.S. Metal and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits. In this and future blog postings I will provide some data from the survey and comment on trends that intrigue me. Here first a look at the impact on wages of working for a small mine as compared to working for a large mine. The Survey notes on this topic: (more…)

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On the flight from Dallas to Vancouver, I sat next to a young man on his way to Whistler for tow days of skiing.  His three friends, also to Whistler to ski, sat just behind us.  They are all in the American Airlines procurement department.  Hence the free flights and money to spend at Whistler. (more…)

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The site used to be called Companies & Properties.  Now from InfoMine is a vastly updated, expanded, and easier to use replacement called IntelligenceMine.  It is not, but could be called Intelligent Mine,  Mining Intelligence, or How-to-Find-Out-Everything-You-Ever-Wanted-to-Know-about-Mines & Properties.  (more…)

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I am in Guatemala and at the Tahoe Resources Escobal Silver Mine. I have previously noted that I and my daughter are the engineers who designed and now give advice on the operation of the filter-pressed tailings stack. Much credit must also go to Flor de Maria Gonzalez and Sergio Aycinena of Geosimsa who are the engineers of record in Guatemala. We have worked closely with them these past four years and both have proven sound partners. Particularly Flor who as a young woman has made her mark by her excellence in a male-dominated Guatemalan mining environment. (more…)

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