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This picture and the others in this posting were taken by me at Knotsberry Farm in California.
A great place to visit and enjoy a terrifying ride along the raging river of insanity.

If you seek a thorough and intelligent analysis of dealing with uranium mill sites (and particularly the tailings facility) take a look at the following–it is an amazingly comprehensive document–and should be required reading for all involved in mine management, regardless of whether the mine is uranium, copper, gold, or something else. (more…)

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The five pictures in this posting, were taken (by me) at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  This place is surely a testament to genius and attention to detail.

Yesterday I was asked if Canadian guidelines are adequate to deal with the Mt Polley situation. More specifically, the questions continued: if the current Canadian guidelines regarding tailings dam safety had been implemented, would the failure have been avoided. Before I answer these questions, let us first take a look at the guidelines that are out there. (more…)

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If you are interested in how mining companies fared in Canadian courts last year, you would do well to download and read the McCarthy Tetrault Mining in the Courts Year in Review Vol IV – March 2014 available at this link.  The volume includes detailed information about the facts leading to 21 court cases and decisions in Canadian courts that involved mining companies.  More important the volume provides clear and concise information about the court decisions and what these decisions mean for mining companies.  (more…)

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This is the first time on this blog that I copy and post in full a piece written by somebody else.  Yet I liked the piece so much that I make free to post in full below.  The article comes from an e-newsletter that AMC Consultants send out from time to time.  I hope they do not mind me copying their piece, but it is fun and instructive to read.  (I tried to download their logo to this piece, but they have some e-shield that protects it. Thus I post a picture that I took with my small camera–at least it is of a mine!)

Due Diligence Studies – Help Us, Help You
By Craig Purcell

AMC has undertaken technical due diligence studies for mining companies and stakeholders in the resources industry since its inception. Due diligence studies almost always require fast mobilisation, experienced project management across multiple disciplines, strong client management and the expertise to provide sound professional opinion. All this in a commercial environment where multiple interested parties, some known, some unknown, will seek to rely on the report provided, with a mineral asset owner whose corporate ambitions may require superhuman turnaround times, and whose information will often be controlled by high security information platforms. (more…)

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We will have to await the course of fighting lawyers to learn how this story plays out; but even now there is plenty to tell and plenty to cogitate.  It all relates to helping the democratically elected government of the DCR kill seventy of its own.  In short the story, as I pick it up from a number of sources, goes thus:  In 2004, rebels capture the town that controls the supply route to Anvil’s Congo mine.  Anvil provides transport for government troops (thugs) brought in to flush the rebels out.  The thugs move fast: they shoot upwards of seventy people and re-open supply lines.   Anvil says the government requisitioned such transport, and they had to obey.  Not so, say the NGOs, who claim Anvil sought government aid in flushing out the rebels.  (more…)

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Nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars were spent on the aborted takeover of Rio Tinto by BHP.  Just imagine what that would translate to in share dividends.  Instead it was directed to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street folk for services rendered. 


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   Blogs are no longer biographical logs.  The software for posting blogs is so easy to use that every e-news outlet and out-of-work consultant now has an e-site which they do not call a blog, but which Google recognizes as a blog.  Of course the e-news channels would not call their site a blog.  And most particularly, the consultants would not call their site a blog.  It is too demeaning to be thus honest. 

But they continue to clutter the blog e-waves with unblog like content.  I refer to those serious but supercilious news articles telling us that the rise in the price of gold is a surrogate for the survival of western civilization and the return of economic stability. 


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