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Here from this link, a few observations on the bad & good of mining—at least in Australia: (more…)

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In his book The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance, Henry Petroski tells at length of early graphite mining and its impact on the development of the pencil.  From what I recall, for many years there was but one deposit in England that produce graphite of the right quality to produce workable pencils.  As one reviewer of the book writes: (more…)

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A brief note to point you to a new infographic from the National Mining Association.   Here is the link to their infographic on the Olympics and the role gold plays in our lives.  (more…)

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I do not own any shares in Anglo American.  Although I suspect some of the mutual trust funds where my money sits do hold Anglo shares.  I consult to  a number of Anglo mines.  Thus this opinion is colored and you should think things through yourself, and not take my every word as a good word. (more…)

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From the recent CostMine U.S. Metal & Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages & Benefits 2013 Survey Results, here are some figures on Mining Company Executive compensation.  The numbers are astounding, so hold on to your seat. (more…)

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The EPA’s decision about the prudence of developing the Pebble Mine or any other mine in the area of Bristol Bay is in–see this link. This blog (I/me) has been a consistent critic of the idea of developing the Pebble Mine.  In short, I cannot see how a mine could be developed in such an environment without unacceptable impact. (more…)

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For a mere $80,000 you can buy your own mining town in Arizona.  Here is the description from the selling website: (more…)

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For those with a taste for trivia, here is a link to a site that lists the biggest mine open pits and the deepest mine shafts. They also have some great photos of the pits and shafts.  Well worth the click to see all this and to add to your store of “general knowledge about mining.” (more…)

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The Ring of Fire is a mining district in Northern Ontario.  Stan Sudol who writes the blog Republic of Mining brought to my attention a series of article on his blog about The Ring of Fire. The link provided gets you to more links to a series of articles on the mines and mining potential of The Ring of Fire.  I repeat here the links—I am sure Stan agrees to this and is proud of this exposure of his work: (more…)

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Venmyn Deloitte, a South African company sent me an email telling that they had just completed a Fairness Opinion for a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  Here is part of the email:

Fairness Opinions are completed for companies that require a professional evaluation as to whether the terms of a merger, acquisition, buyback, spin-off or going private are fair to the minority shareholders. They usually take the form of a letter describing whether the terms of a transaction are fair to minority shareholders. In some instances, Fairness Opinions are required for transactions that require shareholder approval, particularly those transactions which are conducted between parties that are considered by the JSE Listing Rules to be Related Parties, in which case these transactions are called Related Party Transactions. (more…)

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