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In past postings I have provided Canadian mining wages and salaries from the CostMine 2014 Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages, and Benefits Report.  As noted on the CostMine website, this report provides the following:

  • Hourly wage scales listed by job title for workers at 66 metal, diamond, industrial mineral and fossil fuel mines in 9 provinces and territories, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.
  • Salary summaries for managerial, technical and administrative personnel at 46 mines.
  • Benefit plan profiles for each mine.
  • Incentive bonus plan descriptions for many new and innovative plans reported by the mines.
  • Statistical tables for comparing salaries and benchmark wages at surface and underground mines.
  • Executive Compensation for 38 Canadian and American major, mid-tier and junior mining companies.
  • Workers compensation tax rate summaries for mining in all provinces and territories.

Now let us examine a few facts about mining executive compensation.   Here are some average compensation (in $1,000) for Junior mining companies:

  • CEO = 533
  • President = 858
  • Vice President = 706
  • CFO = 245
  • COO = 245

Now let us look at the same folk working for Major mining companies:

  • CEO = 5,759
  • President = 4,276
  • Vice President = 2,399
  • CFO = 2,495
  • COO = 2,360

In very round numbers, the executive in a Major make about ten times as much as in a Junior.  Talk of a wide income distribution.  And these are averages.  Here are some maxima, first for the Major, then the Midtier, then the Junior:

  • CEO = 9,898/3,854/3,924
  • President = 9,898/3,854/3,924
  • Vice President = 6,246/2,728/2,153
  • CFO = 6,246/2,728/1,615
  • COO = 5,334/1,402/340

Some top guys in the Juniors are doing well, although but a third of their Major counterparts.

Keep in mind that the above are not salaries.  The numbers include

  • Salary
  • Share-Based Awards
  • Options-Based Awards
  • Non-equity income
  • All Other (presumable cars, planes, and clubs)

Still I suppose these guys work for it, considering the turn-over and tribulations they face when things go wrong.


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Inlaid wood floor of the library of the Canadian Houses of Parliament

Continuing the postings on the new CostMine 2014 Survey Results- Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits, here are some mine salaries.  First the range and then the average in thousands of Canadian dollars per hour. (more…)

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The hall of the parliament building in Ottawa

It does make a difference to your wages if you work on a Canadian metal or diamond or fossil fuel mine.  Here are some numbers to highlight the differences.  I quote from the new CostMine 2014 Survey Results- Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits. Here are some average wages by mined commodity in Canadian dollars per hour.  The first number is for metal mines; the second for diamond mines; and the third for fossil fuel mines. (more…)

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Just published by CostMine is the 2014 Survey Results – Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  I will survey some of the data in this and future postings.  First a look at average Canadian Mine wages (In Canadian dollars): (more…)

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The final day of the conference Paste 2014 in Vancouver today.  The keynote was about filter pressed tailings management at Pogo in Alaska.  Too complex to blog about, but worth reading the paper and looking at the PowerPoint presentation when they available on InfoMine. (more…)

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I have dealt with regulators from Washington DC (the NRC) through many states including California.  In Canada I have interacted with regulators from British Columbia and chatted with Alberta oil sand regulators.  They have all been decent people with a commitment to their cause.  In most cases we have been able to craft solutions that fit within the regulations and benefitted my clients, the mining companies.  In most cases the regulators have participated in open discussions and made suggestions for way to keep things moving. (more…)

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I have not posted on this blog the past few days.  The reason:  I was at a fly-in, fly-out camp where the internet connection is sporadic & they do not make it easy to access spurious blogs.   Plus the weather was terrible:  ice-rain in which planes could not fly. (more…)

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