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Any comment on future shortages of food, metals, and energy is likely to be wrong, ill-informed, and of limited perspective.  So why not another one this evening? (more…)

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Pure evil exists.  We do not like to admit it, for it scares us to acknowledge the existence of pure evil.  If you doubt me on the existence of pure evil, read the history, watch the movies, or see the operas that tell of Agamemnon, Elektra, Salome, Nero, Lucretia Borgia, the Inquisition, Nazis, Stalin, Pot Pol, and so on through the endless list.  (more…)

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Many criticize moutaintop mining.  Here is a “Readers-Digest” version of a story on beneficial use of post-mountain-top mining: (more…)

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Today being election day in the USA, we speculate on what different outcomes may mean for mining.  Beware: this posting may offend.  It is, however, pure bloggery: speculative and prevaricative.  (more…)

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The rich and the religious are different from the rest of us.  At dinner the other evening, a rich lady told me of her trip in her 44-ft yacht to Catalina, that rather desolate island off the coast of Orange County.  She was complaining about the lady in the 38-ft yacht, who apparently had the timidity to say that she does not believe in global warming.  The lady in the 38-ft yacht is very religious and she maintains that God would never let his creation be affected by such a nasty thing as global warming, therefore there can be no such thing as global warming.   


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Somehow it is almost un-American to imagine that one man, at the top, can solve all the nation’s problems. I refer to recent reports that environmentalists are disappointed that Obama has not already banned mountaintop mining. So too gays who believe he should have permitted universal marriage. And that uranium prospecting near the Grand Canyon has not already been made a waterboarding offence. Or that a Canadian-style health plan is not in place. Or that GM is solvent and still making big cars.

The point is that one man can lead, but he cannot implement the dreams of every interest group. Then citizen still has an duty to fight the good fight, to exercise the prerogatives of democracy that entail deliberation, discussion, and compromise.

That said, for the past few months I have watched certain folk interested in mining, go bust, re-capitalize, and seek out a new mine to develop. They are doing it because they must: just like those illegal miners recently brought alive and dead to the surface in South Africa, they do it because they must work to earn to feed their kids.

Just because they must work to develop mines, it does not follow that they should be allowed to. In any situation in a democracy, opposing voices must be raised and the process fought to an equitable solution. I am not sure what I would do if I were short of money to feed my kids and the choice were to coal mountaintop mine or starve.

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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