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Below is a report that hit my email inbox today.  I repeat in full, not because mines are the main culprit, but because mines are probably NOT the main culprit.  This report is a sobering reminder that dry-cleaners, car-battery recyclers, old military bases, and jails are also major contaminators.  Yet so little is written or done about them—it is not a very sexy topic–so much easier to excoriate mining. Not that Giant, Faro, and a few other old mines are going to be cheap to cleanup. (more…)

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Constructing covers over mining wastes at sites in cold climates involves consideration of these factors that are unique to cold climates: (more…)

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On Tuesday I was in yet another of those asinine arguments about what constitutes “perpetual” in mining and mine closure.  I had heard all the arguments, smart and cynical, more than thirty years ago when we debated them on the UMTRA Project.  But the pusillanimous arguments continue, for everyone has an opinion and wants to be heard. (more…)

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On the plane to the site I dipped into Nasim Taleb’s latest book, Antifragile.  I read a few chapters and have stowed the book for the return fight.  But I picked up enough to know that an antifragile system is one that thrives on change, shock, time, and other perturbing factors.  An antifragile system is the opposite of a fragile system that inevitable breaks as a result of time, shock, disturbance, and the propagation of a mere crack. Antifragile system thrive on disorder; fragile systems do not. (more…)

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Here are two email that I received this earlier this week.  I repeat almost as received, editing out only a few names and dates that are not germane to the story. (more…)

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Late Saturday and I am browsing the internet.   Here is an amazing report that I chanced on.

It deals with the Rosemont copper project to-be in Arizona. It is called the Infiltration, Seepage, Fate and Transport Modeling Report.

It is more than 400 pages long, so download it and read it, and wonder at the cost to produce.  Should we be doing this for all mines?

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Stromer Schwarz

A standard Sunday bike ride: down the hill, along the treed lanes, and to the Lonsdale Quay for lunch.  There along the pier was the USS Lake Champlain and thousands of people in line to get closer to see it. (more…)

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This is a picture of the electric car charging station at the local MEC store.  Never seen a car here, in spite of the many outdoors-men who shop for expensive clothes and gear to climb mountains, ride bikes, and hike in the woods.

Here are the four e-resources that I found in a search of the first twenty pages of a Google-search using the terms mine energy balance: (more…)

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Browsing the web earlier this week I came across the site of the South African Department of Water Affairs.  There I found the following Best Practice Guidelines relevant to mine water management: (more…)

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The picture above is of the Black Swan causing havoc.  I once wrote a paper that claimed the Black Swan causes tailings failures.  The EPA picked the paper up and used it in their report on the Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay to conclude that tailings dams fail.  So here as an act of contrition are three reports on recent and upcoming tailings activities aimed at killing the Black Swan. (more…)

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