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Almost everybody in mining that I talk to has an adverse opinion about the recent Canada Supreme Court ruling that the Crown has a duty to obtain First Nations or Aboriginal consent before mining on claimed land.   Opinions include: (more…)

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Constructing covers over mining wastes at sites in cold climates involves consideration of these factors that are unique to cold climates: (more…)

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The EPA’s decision about the prudence of developing the Pebble Mine or any other mine in the area of Bristol Bay is in–see this link. This blog (I/me) has been a consistent critic of the idea of developing the Pebble Mine.  In short, I cannot see how a mine could be developed in such an environment without unacceptable impact. (more…)

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On Tuesday I was in yet another of those asinine arguments about what constitutes “perpetual” in mining and mine closure.  I had heard all the arguments, smart and cynical, more than thirty years ago when we debated them on the UMTRA Project.  But the pusillanimous arguments continue, for everyone has an opinion and wants to be heard. (more…)

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Mining Regulators


Today I chatted about mining regulators.  They have probably one of the most difficult jobs in mining:  writing regulations, setting standards, and monitoring the mining industry.  They are subjected to intense political pressure.  And to constant demands from the mining industry to work faster and smarter.  (more…)

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Many years ago in Vancouver I attended a conference on mining law put on by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute.  Today I received the flyer for the 59th Annual conference to be held in Spokane July 18-20,2013.   The speakers at the event that I attended in Vancouver were the best and most entertaining I have ever listened to at any conference ever, even though the topics were tough legal issues in mining.  Most are lawyers afterall. (more…)

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At this link is the site for a conference described by its organizers in these words:

The Mining for Development Conference 2013 provides an opportunity for governments, communities, companies, industry representatives and civil societies to discuss ways to ensure that mining activity contributes to economic and social development. (more…)

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pascua lama

There is no mine water solution for the Pascua Lama mine in the high Andes of Chile and Argentina.  Here is one report(more…)

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Would you sign the following petition to your local Canadian Member of Parliament?   The petition urges the Canadian Federal government to pass legislation that would: (more…)

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I have just added a new (to me at least) blog to my blogroll just to the right here.  The blog is the Mineral Law Blog.  The writers are members of the law firm Stoel Rivers LLP, Attorneys at Law.  Here is how they introduce their blog: (more…)

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