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Cheap design linked to problems at Tokwe-Mukosi

From Zimbabwe, we have news six days ago of a water dam failing.  At least my conlcusion is that it is failing.  I base this conclusion on a series of photos at this link. (more…)

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The University of the Witwatersrand was  started as a mining school a hundred and more years ago.  Its greatest graduate was Nelson Mandela.  There have been many other graduates, including me.  None of us has changed & improved the human lot as much as Mandela did, but we have all tried to improve things to the best of our ability and education from Wits. (more…)

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Today I lunched with a professor from one of those old-line, prestigious universities.  He bemoaned the fact that his department has changed. (more…)

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For months I let Paul Collier’s The Plundered Planet sit on my desk.  A reader of this blog had recommended the book to me.  A colleague took it off my desk and returned the book praising it.  I was almost nervous to read it least I could not share their enthusiasm. (more…)

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Lazily browsing the web, I came across this report from Zimbabwe about a mine running out of water. There is so much one could say, that I refrain from comment and just post the story as I found it.  You will no doubt draw your own conclusions.  (more…)

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Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954) The Dance 1910[1]

Here from the new CostMine 2012 Survey of African Mine Salaries are some figures for those working on mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — the first set of numbers are the range of salaries, the second is the average, and the third is the number of years of experience of those reporting salaries.  (more…)

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Here from the CostMine  2012 Survey Results for African Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits are some South African mining salaries.  (more…)

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