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Paella Rota Cadiz


Yesterday we stopped in at the fish market in Rota and bought a variety of fish.   Then to the local Supermarket to buy Paella rice and sauce.   Tonight, my son cooked a fish Paella with the purchases.  Magnificent. The rice is cooked slowly in a frying pan with lots of the broth.  Then the fish are added.  With a great bottle of wine, the result is perfection. (more…)

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On our last day on Mallorca, we drove to Alcudia, an old town on the north side of Mallorca.  There we walked around and within a perfect old town surrounded by a wall and a moat.  The Church is nearly 500 years old, and the houses seem as old. Probably the town subsisted in the past on fishing, agriculture, warfare, and religion.   Today it flourishes on tourism. Seems most places in Spain I have been to this trip are the same: old, settled, ready for warfare, and religion.  And now-days tourists.  Every second person on Mallorca is speaking German. (more…)

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Foto: Peter Öhman

The translation above the pictures reads:

It doesn’t matter that it is Sweden’s most modern mine, built according to environmental laws, which the Government says is the world’s strongest. In addition, Northlands mine outside Pajala is a financial flop, it is now also an ecological disaster.
One million cubic metres of water with toxic heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, lead, copper, and more flows straight out of the wrecked mine dam to Muonioälven and later the Torne River, which is classified as a national river.

At this link you will find four photos that appear to show the breach of the perimeter embankment or dike and spillage of tailings into the surrounding countryside.  Above is one of them.

The reports make little mention of the causes of failure.  Although the four pictures appear to show more than one breach.  A posting on Facebook dates the failure as 19 July 2014.

Please comment if you know more.

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Spain was a major source of gold to the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.  Today a Canadian mining company seeks to reopen or at least extend these old gold resources.  (more…)

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Map of Major Mines in Europe

Just released is a new InfoMine map of the major mines and metallurgical facilities in Europe.  You can find it to order at this link.

Two other sites on European mines are:

I was amazed to see the many mines in Europe on this new map.  Just what percentage of the European economy is from mining? If you know, let us know.  Thanks.

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While the United States Congress debates HR4402, a bill which would make it easier and cheaper to mine in the United States, Spanish coal miners are protesting cuts by the Spanish government in subsidies to unprofitable coal mines.   These two seemingly unlinked news stories, highlight the tricky question of to what extent a government should go to nurture a home-grown mining industry when it is cheaper to mine elsewhere. First some details of the Spanish situation from this report(more…)

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Can you help a Russian mining engineer?  I often get personal emails from readers of this blog seeking advice or help.   I cannot help them all; but I try to answer them all and give my opinion that might help them.  (more…)

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