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Mining.com reports that Canada has been spying on Brazilian mining:

Brazilian television OGlobo aired Sunday night a program showing that U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked documents that reveal Canadian spy agencies tracked the country’s Mines and Energy Ministry e-mails and phone calls. (more…)

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Having survived the travails of travel, including eight-hour flight delays, evacuation of terminals, and long-line indignities, let me post a few photos that illustrate how one village is improved by mining-derived money. I first saw this village about three years ago.  It was picturesque but dilapidated. Poverty was the norm: unpainted houses; a decaying church; rudimentary places to eat; no banks. (more…)

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A new EduMine course in Spanish is up.  It is a translation of my English course on Tailings Facility Design, Construction, Operation, and Closure.  I must thank Goldcorp who sponsered the translation. In Spanish this is Diseño, operación y cierre de tranques de relaves.  You will find it at this link.  Here, in Spanish, are the people for whom this course is written: (more…)

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twins 0308(1)[1]

If you read this blog, you will know that in the past four or so years, I have visited the Marlin and Escobal Mines in Guatemala many times.   (Do a search with these key words in the box at top-right to get all I have written about these visits.) (more…)

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Brazil Mining Photos

Just back from a trip to Brazil.  Here are some photos. The boats took us upriver to the site of a proposed mine.  Artisanal mining is in progress at the site and it is a dirty and dangerous.   






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pascua lama

There is no mine water solution for the Pascua Lama mine in the high Andes of Chile and Argentina.  Here is one report(more…)

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The government of Argentina has ordered Vale to continue to employ nearly 6,500 workers at the Rio Colorado potash mine that Vale is seeking to close.   Vale wants to close the mine as it is presumably not making money, inflation in Argentina is 25 % per annum, and Vale did not get tax breaks they were seeking.  (more…)

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In a previous posting I reported on Mexican mine salaries.  Here are some numbers on wages at mines in Mexico.  The full details are available from Cost Mine and their Mexican Mine Wages, Salaries and Benefits 2013 Survey Results. (more…)

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Just arrived on my desk is the CostMine Mexican Mine Wages, Salaries & Benefits 2013 Survey Results.  This sixty-two page document is chock-full of data on wages and salaries at Mexican mines.  I recommend that you and your company or union get a copy and compare your income to the ranges and averages documented here.  (more…)

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It could be a perfect evening.  The sky is clear; the temperature warm; the humidity soft and enveloping; the music from the neighbors a Latin rhythm of amor y famlia; the talk of a day when the consulting advice is worth far more than the consulting fees; the supper a lousy hamburger to appease a vast hunger from walking in the field and physical activity in pursuit of intellectual solutions to hard problems. (more…)

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