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I am not a meeting person.  I fall asleep in meetings as the committee queens pontificate.  Worse: I grow irritated as the bobbing heads proffer opinions about things they know nothing about.  Even worse: I get into inane arguments with egos that see this as a contest of gladiators. (more…)

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Mining has given rise to wars.  The folk who mined hematite for face paint at Bomvu Ridge 40,000 years ago probably used the red stuff as war paint.  The silver mines of Athens made it a formidable war force in early Greek history.  The Boer wars of South Africa were driven by England’s desire to get control of the gold mines of the Witwatersrand.   Blood diamonds is a modern version of conflict wrought over access & control of valuable resources. Nothing new about this concept–although I am yet to see a book on mining as a cause of war. (more…)

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Spent time today preparing for an upcoming EduMine webcast.  At this link are the details of the webcast we call Advanced Tailings and Mine Waste Facility Design, Construction, Operation, and Closure. (more…)

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There are many new mining-related conferences to attend in 2013.   All very well if you are very important  and travel with an unlimit company expense acount. (more…)

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Here follows extracts from two email that recently crossed my desk on the topic of social media—I repeat here as the issue is pertinent to mining. The exchange began with an email that said the following: (more…)

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A new blog on mining is always welcome.  This week saw the first posting of CareerMiner by Susan Kihn.  She starts with five articles ranging from how to avoid scammers promising to find you a mining job, to the joys of fly-in, fly-out mining camps. And she ask the perennial question: is there a place for women in the mining industry? (more…)

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