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The EPA’s decision about the prudence of developing the Pebble Mine or any other mine in the area of Bristol Bay is in–see this link. This blog (I/me) has been a consistent critic of the idea of developing the Pebble Mine.  In short, I cannot see how a mine could be developed in such an environment without unacceptable impact. (more…)

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art Portraits-by-Francoise-Nielly[1]

Mining has given rise to wars.  The folk who mined hematite for face paint at Bomvu Ridge 40,000 years ago probably used the red stuff as war paint.  The silver mines of Athens made it a formidable war force in early Greek history.  The Boer wars of South Africa were driven by England’s desire to get control of the gold mines of the Witwatersrand.   Blood diamonds is a modern version of conflict wrought over access & control of valuable resources. Nothing new about this concept–although I am yet to see a book on mining as a cause of war. (more…)

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Having survived the travails of travel, including eight-hour flight delays, evacuation of terminals, and long-line indignities, let me post a few photos that illustrate how one village is improved by mining-derived money. I first saw this village about three years ago.  It was picturesque but dilapidated. Poverty was the norm: unpainted houses; a decaying church; rudimentary places to eat; no banks. (more…)

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Yesterday a polite lady emailed me asking if she would get a job in mine closure if she did the EduMine course that I wrote on Mine Closure, The Basics of Success.  She is a geologist, formerly at one of those mines now cutting back. I replied as follows: (more…)

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Here are links to two e-books on the issues of risks and mining in 2013.  Both required reading if you are investing in mining:

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On the basis that it is easy to blame the mine and difficult to prove they are innocent, I post this from this link:

A jury says the Atlantic Richfield Co. isn’t responsible for damages to a historic Butte apartment building that the owner said were caused by mining done a half-century ago. (more…)

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From the weekend photo collection, a few of the oh-so-many signs posted to warn us to beware & behave.  You get the feeling that all public places are dangerous and that extreme caution is required if you dare venture out-of-doors. 

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