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Yesterday a polite lady emailed me asking if she would get a job in mine closure if she did the EduMine course that I wrote on Mine Closure, The Basics of Success.  She is a geologist, formerly at one of those mines now cutting back. I replied as follows: (more…)

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Here are links to two e-books on the issues of risks and mining in 2013.  Both required reading if you are investing in mining:

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On the basis that it is easy to blame the mine and difficult to prove they are innocent, I post this from this link:

A jury says the Atlantic Richfield Co. isn’t responsible for damages to a historic Butte apartment building that the owner said were caused by mining done a half-century ago. (more…)

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From the weekend photo collection, a few of the oh-so-many signs posted to warn us to beware & behave.  You get the feeling that all public places are dangerous and that extreme caution is required if you dare venture out-of-doors. 

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Each year, each mining company produces an Annual Report.  Ignore the color pictures of locals, women geologists, heart-rending schools & hospitals built with mining profits, and go instead to the sections headed RISKS. (more…)

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Yesterday I received an email stating that a Technology Review I wrote had just been put up on the InfoMine website. Now, I haven’t had the chance to write many reviews so I am a little proud this as it is the first to be lovingly loaded onto a server somewhere. As I’m sure you have put together by now, that review is about the Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA). (more…)

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From Deloitte a new report Tracking the trends 2012, The top 10 trends mining companies may face in the coming year.  The report starts with this quote: (more…)

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