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The general approach to undertaking a risk assessment is well described in International Standard IEC/ISO 31010, which also provides considerable information about risk assessment methods. It notes, however: “The standard does not provide specific criteria for identifying the need for risk assessment, nor does it specify the type of risk analysis method that is required for a particular application.” (more…)

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Mine safety is an every critical topic.  Here are links to some interviews on the topic.  These interviews were conducted during the International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB) this past October in Niagara Falls by Dräger, a leader in mine safety and technology.  The interviews cover deep mining, first response capabilities, and refuge rooms and chambers.

I watched them all and found much of interest.   Hope you find something that makes your mine safer.

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Virginia Beach has what is possibly the greatest collection of ugly public art I have yet come across.  Here are some pictures to prove my point. In addition to these pictures we saw the following scenes that I did not photography while wondering around. (more…)

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It is twenty below here in southeastern Iowa.  The same as the reported temperature in Fort McMurray.  Here everything is mostly shut down.  So we stay in doors and avoid discussions about politics.   Instead  of trying to records things here—which would just offend somebody—I repeat this from an email, and use it as a way to express sympathy with the families of those who died in mining last year. (more…)

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I have just received an advanced copy of CostMine’s U.S. Metal & Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages & Benefits — 2013 Survey Results.  You will be able to purchase the complete copy very soon from CostMine. In this and a few following postings, I will note salaries, wages, and compensation for U.S. mining people in 2012 and 2013.  Let us start with wages.  Here are the national average hourly wages, in US Dollars for 118 U.S. mines for some job categories: (more…)

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Journalists (and bloggers) have discovered that spills are big news.  There is always the element of failure, of human ineptitude, environmental impact, and an aggrieved local ready to state that all future headaches will be attributed to the spill. The most recent is a spill of radioactive fluids at the Ranger Mine in Australia.  Here is part of the report: (more…)

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Growing up in South Africa, the only thing I knew about mining engineers was that they were the mine manager and lived in a big house in a large, secluded property far from the working masses.  My father regarded the mine manager and all mining engineers as being next to God.  You did not speak to them; they spoke to you.  Of course there was always the inconvenient fact that the mine manager and mining engineers lived in terror of the consulting engineers come from the head office in Johannesburg.  They carried the wand of life and death with them. The fear was that you might be promoted and have to leave that large house and go to live in Johannesburg where things were expensive and savage, and where there was so much traffic. (more…)

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