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Sometimes a blog is just that: a biographical log, a diary, a record of daily thoughts & doings. So here are a few random thoughts & doings from this weekend. No Mt Polley except yesterday’s ruminations on the inadequacy of bonds for mine closure.  Some good comments.  See previous posting. The weekend started with a lover: the blond hairs turned golden in the rays of the setting sun. And the rest is unrecordable. (more…)

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The numbers just do not add up. As I read the many sites on the web, I learn that British Columbia has about thirty operating mines. The BC government has about $172 million in closure bonds. Say about five or six million a mine. That seems grossly inadequate to me. I have just finished estimating closure of one mine and it came to nearly $60 million. Does this mean BC should have $1.7 billion in closure bonds? Here are some observations from various websites that may help you ponder this issue. (more…)

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While we in BC have been preoccupied by the Mt Polley situation, yet another tailings failure has occurred.  This time in Mexico.  That brings the number of failures this year to three:  Duke Energy, Mt Polley, and Cananea.  Just the right number if the probability of failure is one in five thousand. (more…)

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The hall of the parliament building in Ottawa

It does make a difference to your wages if you work on a Canadian metal or diamond or fossil fuel mine.  Here are some numbers to highlight the differences.  I quote from the new CostMine 2014 Survey Results- Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits. Here are some average wages by mined commodity in Canadian dollars per hour.  The first number is for metal mines; the second for diamond mines; and the third for fossil fuel mines. (more…)

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This week I have been out eating with friends every night.  Last night, I watched opera.  A way to recover from the intense social pressure of being nice.  A deep glass of cognac, a few cigarettes, and opera.  What better way to relax and get high? The opera that I watched is as obscure as they get:  Gaetano Donizetti’s L’ajo nell’inbarazzo from Teatro Regio Torino.  First performed in 1828,  then performed fifty-five times in the next few years.  Then forgotten and never performed in North America. (more…)

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Panama Graffiti

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will recall that I have a fondness for graffiti.  Here are some photos of graffiti I took today in Panama City.







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One of the advantages of mining travel is the good meals enjoyed in foreign places.  Tonight we ate great food overlooking the Panama Cannel and the ships passing through the locks.

Here for mining matters that I cannot blog about—maybe in five years when all is worked out.

So meanwhile a few pictures. Enjoy and try the food here.






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