Here is information about a new, to me, on-line magazine about mining.  The information I received that alterted me to this magazine notes as follows: Continue Reading »

Mine Yes, Slavery No

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Or you could title this post:  “Mine or be a Slave.” The images in this post are disturbing.  That is intentional.  I seek to be as provocative as ever I have been.  So read on and let us fight over this idea.  The idea that if you do not mine, you become somebody else’s slave. I am prompted to write this by some reports today.  The first is this from the National Mining Association: Continue Reading »


Two flights and a visit to a mine today.  I promised I would not blog about it–although they admitted reading blog postings about other mines. So here is something I included in an email reply to somebody who emailed about their upcoming book about mining and society.  Sadly they got the early history of mining quite wrong.  I reminded them of these links on early mining.  And post them here so that you do not make the same mistake.  Point is mining is at least 45,000 years old.  I saw the original workings at Bomvu Ridge, Swaziland.  Today the King with many wives lives of the fruits of such ancient mining. Continue Reading »

Please take a look at the photo-essay at this link before reading the rest of this posting.  The photo-essay is of work done to get the Bingham Canyon Mine going after the very big slide they had a while ago.  It is heartening to see the effort and success.  I hope it puts you in a good mood, at least a good enough mood to deal with the rest of this posting. I do not know whether to be amused or angry about the new site Yes to Life, No to Mining.  At one level it is ludicrous.  At another level it is infuriating.  As the announcement says: Continue Reading »


The PowerPoints of presentations from the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference in Keystone are now available.  At least the PowerPoints of those authors who gave permission.  See this link.

They are all interesting, so choose those that interest you.

I recommend the presentation by Steve Vick who is one of the reviewers of the failure of the Mt Polley tailings facility.  He assures me that he compiled the presentation before the failure and there is no connection between what he says in his presentation and what he might say in the panel findings.

The presentation by Franco Oboni touches on the same topics as Vick’s but takes a different approach.

I particularly like the presentation by Craig Benson on the hydrologic performance of final covers.  He concludes that we can and have constructed covers to last for at least 1,000 years.

I am sure there is much to say about these presentations and indeed the other presentations, so please comment.

Somebody emailed me and asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing a book about mining in the Amazon.  I begged off the offer to read the e-version.  So instead they sent me a hardcopy of Amazon Burning by Victoria Griffith.  Intrigued I read it–fast. You know it not seriously about mining when the front cover illustration is of a beautiful young woman kissing a good-looking young man.  Kind of like those covers you  see on books in the section of the store stocking soft cover porn for lady readers.  OK, the blurb on the front cover says: Continue Reading »


A million here.  A million there.  Who cares?  It is just taxpayer money spent by your local government providing the services you expect to be provided at no cost!  Just learnt that HATCH has been awarded a contract by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) to review the independent reviews of BC tailings dams that MEM ordered pursuant to the failure of Mt Polley. Continue Reading »


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