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I  received the CostMine U.S. Metal & Industrial Minerals Mine Salaries, Wages & Benefits, 2013 Survey Results a month or two back.  Now is time to get down to blog about some of the salaries.  All figures are in thousands of US dollars per year.  First some averages for all mines in the USA: (more…)

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It is twenty below here in southeastern Iowa.  The same as the reported temperature in Fort McMurray.  Here everything is mostly shut down.  So we stay in doors and avoid discussions about politics.   Instead  of trying to records things here—which would just offend somebody—I repeat this from an email, and use it as a way to express sympathy with the families of those who died in mining last year. (more…)

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In previous postings I ve written about salaries and executive compensation as gleaned from the CostMine 2013 Survey Results Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  Here are some wages at Canadian mines as reported in the 2013 Survey.  (more…)

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More from the CostMine 2013 Survey of Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  This time we look at the annual salaries (in thousands of Canadian $) for mainly engineering types in Canadian mines.   Some country-wide averages:


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Here are some numbers on the compensation of executives of major Canadian mining companies.  These numbers are from the CostMine 2013 Survey Results Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  The data is collated from public documents issued by ten Canadian majors. (more…)

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The following is an “article” that I repeat as is from a recent ACG newsletter. Andy Robertson of InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants wrote this.  The “article” is at its simplest an announcement of an upcoming conference.  But at its most complex this is a scary story of potential dragons let loose on the world to scare the populace into non-mining.  Here is what he wrote: (more…)

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Today I looked through the abstracts submitted for Paste 2013 in Belo Horizonte in Brazil next year.  Here is what I wrote—it will be all over InfoMine soon enough. (more…)

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