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The boat slide quickly along the calm sea, but tidal waves were forming and threatening a rough voyage.  We stood on the deck gazing at a blue ocean, green trees, and towering peaks of snow.  A peaceful scene wrought of turmoil and storm that reminds you the world is not always beautiful. (more…)

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The title of this posting captures the mood of the Alaska Miners Association meeting, which begun today in Juneau.  Many talks picked up the theme of: Jobs Now.  Mining Jobs Now. Mining Jobs in Alaska Now(more…)

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Went drinking last night.  A fellow drinker makes about $150 a month playing Eve On Line, a massive on-line mining game.  He tells me there are upward of 400,000 players, probably all making more than he does.  Thus the economy of Eve is about $60 M a month.  Probably more than most mines!

He specializes in those regions of space where security is low, but the ore is rich.  He spend a few hundred buying equipment.  The money is real–it comes from his credit card.  The product is electronic–he sells it on the game’s exchanges.  The money from selling goes into his bank account; hence the profit.  (more…)

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Juneau is my favorite State Capital.  It snuggles between the mountains and the calm waters of the inlet some way down the panhandle of Alaska.  Thus I readily accepted when I was asked to present a course at the upcoming Alaska Miners Association 2011 AMA Juneau Convention to be held March 15 to 18, 2011.   Here is a  LINK to the registration form.  The course will be a one  day course, in spite of what the form says currently, i.e., a half-day.  I htink a full day is better as we can pace ourselves and go into detail. (more…)

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