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On a cold winter’s night I watched Verdi’s La Forza Del Destino.  Verdi was agnostic, yet this opera is suffused with Christian themes. (more…)

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Sunday night looking to Monday and a day on the oil sands mines.  Flew from rainy Vancouver to sunny Fort McMurray.  Tomorrow we will deal with issues of surface water management and the failure of sand berms inundated by ponded water.  A salutary lesson in the need for proactive and conservative planning before starting construction.  (more…)

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    The third act of Saint-Saens’ opera, Henry VIII, should be required listening for all scholars of religion.  In this act, Henry renounces Catherine, his wife of twenty-four years, announces his marriage to Ann Boleyn, and declares himself head of the Church of England.   (more…)

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