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With interest I read the following:

Astur Gold is including paste backfill and dry stack tailings in its mining and tailings management plan. Paste backfill was selected as the primary backfilling method for Salave because it minimizes the size of the surface tailings storage facility and increases stability and safety of the underground operation. Astur Gold is conducting BFS level design and cost estimate for a paste backfill and dry stack. Approximately 50% of the tailings from ore processing will be returned to the underground mine. The remaining tails will be dry stacked in a state of the art, environmentally safe and stable tailings facility, which will be concurrently reclaimed.

When first I came across this project, the tailings were conventional hydraulic fill.  It is gratifying to see them now going to dry stack technology.  I suspect this move will make their proposed mine in Spain even more effective.  We hope they get started soon.

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Spain was a major source of gold to the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.  Today a Canadian mining company seeks to reopen or at least extend these old gold resources.  (more…)

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