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The premise is that you can find the job you seek at the new-format, newly-updated CareerMine.  See this link: http://www.infomine.com/careers/  The top two jobs at Suncor: one a welder and the other a mechanical maintenance supervisor.  Not my dream jobs! (more…)

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I repeat below the entire article from InfoMine’s Career Mine.  It is by Susan Kihn who does a fine job of setting out the facts.

Even with the downturn in mining worldwide which has seen massive job losses as a result of mining companies downsizing, putting mines into maintenance mode or closing down, it appears not all is bad for Geologists working in mining in Australia. Besides other mining professions, we know that there are a lot of Geologists who have lost their jobs worldwide and in Australia. What I thought may be of interest, was to see how this downturn has affected Geologist salaries in Australia. (more…)

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Here from this link, a few observations on the bad & good of mining—at least in Australia: (more…)

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I cannot resist reposting the following.  I came across it while idly browsing Google Blogs on mining.  I do not know any of the players involved or even the background.  But it all sounds so heated and it presents so bizarre a picture of the Austrian mining scene, that I repeat it for your edificantion and enjoyment–here is the link to the complete piece. (more…)

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Today was the first warm day of spring.  I slept late, got up to sunshine, and rode my bicycle into work via the Seabus (in total a 60 minute journey).  I rode home this evening along the bike lanes,  along Adanac Road, and over the Second Narrows Bridge (about 75 minutes of cycling.) (more…)

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Finding a job in mining is never easy.  You need the qualifications.  You need the experience.  You need contacts.  And you need to be able to travel to distant and lonely places.  Right now I am at a distant mine: the wind is blowing sadly around the light structures making them shake.  Just before I arrived, there was violence outside the high security fence.  Many here are assessing their decisions to come.  Many are simply lonely for their families. (more…)

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Here is a link to a new newsletter on mining with an emphasis on Australia.  The editor is Johann A Robertson scion of consulting engineer and InfoMine man, Andy Robertson.  Johann has been in Australia for the past couple of months expanding the operations of InfoMine on that vast continent.  Now at his own initiative, he has founded the newsletter—one that we hope continues and grows in stature with time. (more…)

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