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A rare victory for the mining industry:  the Chilean Environmental Court has ruled that the Pascua Lama mining project has not affected the glaciers in the vicinity of the mine. (more…)

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The news report today that caught my attention is this. Politicians say such strange things!

Argentina’s mining minister, Jorge Mayoral, surprised quite a few of the 300 executives present an annual luncheon last week, by calling its neighbouring Chile and Peru mining models “a failure.”

According to Mining Press (in Spanish), the official was especially critical of the other two countries openness to foreign investors. Mayoral said Argentina did not want mining in a Chilean or Peruvian way:

“We want mining our way, which means we want to favour domestic suppliers, local management, make sure jobs are taken by technical and professionals coming out of our universities, that respect for the environment is a priority, and most importantly, that all this is done in a safe matter,” he was quoted as saying.

Ironically, the minister also called on his Chilean peer, Aurora Williams, to expedite a decision on Barrick Gold’s Pascua Lama project, which has been halted since last year, after a number of defeats in local courts about water use and the impact on glaciers in the area. While later Barrick stopped construction of the $8.5 billion project as part of its debt-reduction and cost-cutting program, it is still facing major fines and a class action lawsuit because of it.

A report released by the government in March shows Argentina’s mining sector is expected to attract about $4 billion this year, with US and Indian companies reportedly interested in developing the nation’s copper and lithium.


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pascua lama

There is no mine water solution for the Pascua Lama mine in the high Andes of Chile and Argentina.  Here is one report(more…)

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Some large consultants to the mining industry are doing very well–in spite of reports of a downturn in the profits of big mining companies.  Here is a quote from a long report on recent profits by AMEC: (more…)

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Soon after the fall of the Berlin wall, we descended on Wismut, East Germany with proposals to help them cleanup the old uranium mines, mills, and tailings impoundments that the Russians left behind.  The large American consulting firm that I was working for at the time, believed that with our UMTRA Project experience, we were well-suited for the work.  So too did a small Canadian consulting company.  (more…)

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On the right-hand side of this posting is my blog-roll.  Here I list all the blogs that I have found that are true blogs or reasonable facsimiles of a blog about mining.  I have just added a new one to the list.  It is called Beyond Borders.  It is run by Barrick and subtitled Responsible Mining At Barrick Gold Corporation(more…)

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Noir Canada

Canadian academics and free speech advocates are up in arms over two mining multinationals’ use of libel law to bury their critics in lawsuits.  I quote the most indignant part of the report:

Canadian academics and free speech advocates are up in arms over two mining multinationals’ use of libel law to bury their critics in lawsuits. Alain Deneault, Delphine Abadie, and William Sacher published a book called Noir Canada. Pillage, corruption et criminalité en Afrique that detailed well-sourced human rights abuses by the multinational resource companies Barrick Gold and Banro Corporation. The companies have responded with $11 million in lawsuits, aimed at bankrupting their critics with court fees. Barrick Gold has threatened other publishers on the basis of brief summaries of yet-to-be-published critical books. (more…)

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