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More is said about mine closure than is done about mine closure.  Will they ever close Giant and Faro?  I doubt it.  Still if the topic interests you, here a few upcoming events. The InfoMine Mine Closure Conference in Belo Horizonte promises lots of information about mine closure in Brazil.  Not many of us can get that far south or want to go that far south. Last time there was an InfoMine conference in Belo, there were riots and protests and the delegates were confined to the hotel. (more…)

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The following is an “article” that I repeat as is from a recent ACG newsletter. Andy Robertson of InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants wrote this.  The “article” is at its simplest an announcement of an upcoming conference.  But at its most complex this is a scary story of potential dragons let loose on the world to scare the populace into non-mining.  Here is what he wrote: (more…)

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Today I looked through the abstracts submitted for Paste 2013 in Belo Horizonte in Brazil next year.  Here is what I wrote—it will be all over InfoMine soon enough. (more…)

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