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   Being Easter Sunday, it is appropriate to post a piece about religion.  Here is an edited version of something I wrote many years ago along with all the comments the original piece elicited. (more…)

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Pure evil exists.  We do not like to admit it, for it scares us to acknowledge the existence of pure evil.  If you doubt me on the existence of pure evil, read the history, watch the movies, or see the operas that tell of Agamemnon, Elektra, Salome, Nero, Lucretia Borgia, the Inquisition, Nazis, Stalin, Pot Pol, and so on through the endless list.  (more…)

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Some three years ago, I wrote a piece on what the Bible has to say about mining.  I had all but forgotten the posting, when today somebody posted as a comment the specific piece from Job 28:1-12 to which I referred.  I read it again, and its beauty moved me.  So I repeat it below and then proceed to comment more on what it may tell us.  (more…)

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