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With this cityscape behind him, Simon Moores, Manager of Industrial Minerals Data, a part of Industrial Minerals, told us about the outlook for investing in industrial minerals in 2013.  (more…)

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United States miners all should be paying close attention to a bill passed this week by Congress. I refer to Bill HR 4402. It is now up to the Senate and President to decide its fate. A Democrat-controlled Senate may sit on it and do nothing—that is unacceptable. The White House has stated that is opposes the bill; but has not threatened a veto. How could it? (more…)

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Are rare earth that rare? Or are we just failing to mine them?  Drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and just before you leave California to enter Nevada you spy a large pit in a vast desert of rock and nothing. That is the Mountain Pass mine that could produce much of the rare earth the US needs, if only Califonian environmental concerns, good for the lush coast, but not designed for the stark desert, did not get in the way.  (more…)

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