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Today my attention was directed to the new Guide For Mine Closure Planning.   The guide is prepared by IBRAM which is short for Instituto Brasilero de Mineracao, or in English the Brazilian Mining Association.  Well worth downloading and perusing if your interest lie in mine closure. The guide is focused around these seven guidelines: (more…)

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More is said about mine closure than is done about mine closure.  Will they ever close Giant and Faro?  I doubt it.  Still if the topic interests you, here a few upcoming events. The InfoMine Mine Closure Conference in Belo Horizonte promises lots of information about mine closure in Brazil.  Not many of us can get that far south or want to go that far south. Last time there was an InfoMine conference in Belo, there were riots and protests and the delegates were confined to the hotel. (more…)

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Mining.com reports that Canada has been spying on Brazilian mining:

Brazilian television OGlobo aired Sunday night a program showing that U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked documents that reveal Canadian spy agencies tracked the country’s Mines and Energy Ministry e-mails and phone calls. (more…)

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Brazil Mining Photos

Just back from a trip to Brazil.  Here are some photos. The boats took us upriver to the site of a proposed mine.  Artisanal mining is in progress at the site and it is a dirty and dangerous.   






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InfoMine’s section on mining technology & engineering recently added a new feature: Continuous Conferences.  (I disclose that I sometimes work with them and want them to succeed.)  Here are two pieces that I posted today.  I post them here to make it easier for you to access them. (more…)

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     Seldom on a Sunday is there a good book about mining to read.  Today I hit the jackpot.  I read Understanding Mining Around the Quadrilatero Ferrifero.  A formidable title, but an easy and pleasant read.   Three authors are listed: Paulo Tarso Amorim Castro; Herminio Arias Nalini Junior; and Hernani Mota De Lima.  (more…)

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   The idea of a company sponsoring a competition to solve an industrial problem, is not new.   I recall somewhere a competition by a large mining company that resulted in an innovative solution.  Problem is that a Google search brings up competitions in data mining.  (more…)

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