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The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854

The Westward Look hotel sits proud in the foothills of Tucson.  Down in the flats, the lights of the city sparkle and shine like a sea of energy washing over the privileged.  You know that somewhere in the pinpoints of light somebody is being robbed, beaten, raped, and maybe killed.  But violence is not the predominant activity.  Civil order is probably the norm. (more…)

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Today we watched the MET Opera broadcast of Girl of the Golden West by Puccini.  It is an all-American, out-of-Italy tale of a mining camp at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California in the old days of the gold rush. Minnie, the owner of the local pub falls in love with the local bandit, much to the consternation of the local sheriff, who also loves the only woman in the mining camp—or the opera for that matter. (more…)

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