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The Goldcorp Marlin Mine in Guatemala is a fascinating case history in the ups and downs of mining, of the license-to-mine, of community relations, of so-called sustainable development, and the role of law in a just system.  Then there is the fascinating aspect of a government that may not be entirely competent or uncorrupt; and which is beset by social and religious fights, and the need for money to balance the budget.   Although I have met a number of government officials and they all seemed honest and earnest to me.  They struck me as ordinary, decent people trying to do the right thing in a situation beset by violence, racialism, and poverty-related turmoil.   Not to mention the pernicious influence of drug trafficking and rival religious groups.  They were moreover beset by trying to deal with the terrible influence of meddling groups of internationalists seeking personal exposure and gain. (more…)

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