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Just published by CostMine is the 2014 Survey Results – Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  I will survey some of the data in this and future postings.  First a look at average Canadian Mine wages (In Canadian dollars): (more…)

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Almost everybody in mining that I talk to has an adverse opinion about the recent Canada Supreme Court ruling that the Crown has a duty to obtain First Nations or Aboriginal consent before mining on claimed land.   Opinions include: (more…)

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Sunday and opera.  Tonight it was Bellini’s Beatrice di Tenda. Terrible stuff: torture; agony; betrayed love; death.  Tyrants of unbending will and cruel intent. But the music!  That long line of melody.  That theme that goes on forever.  That haunting tune that embeds in the mind. (more…)

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Mining.com reports that Canada has been spying on Brazilian mining:

Brazilian television OGlobo aired Sunday night a program showing that U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked documents that reveal Canadian spy agencies tracked the country’s Mines and Energy Ministry e-mails and phone calls. (more…)

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A quick trip today across the border from Vancouver to Birch Bay to visit friends who have a house on the coast looking out on the bay. All bought with mining money. (more…)

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Would you sign the following petition to your local Canadian Member of Parliament?   The petition urges the Canadian Federal government to pass legislation that would: (more…)

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MineWeb reports that workers have left the copper mine in Afghanistan being developed by the Chinese because of fears of Taliban attacks.  It appears that the Taliban has target the mine, stating that they do not believe the people will benefit from the mine and that profits will be siphoned off by the Afgan elite and the Chinese. (more…)

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