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Merry Christmas to all that have celebrated and those yet about to celebrate–it is all about the time zone you are in. We have cleaned up the Christmas dinner and are now relaxing watching TV, playing games with the kids, and grandpa is blogging. (more…)

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Here are some of the pictures of nativity from Jerez.  These are magnificent models made by locals as part of a tradition of the area.  Enjoy as part of the lead-up to a merry Christmas.





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The temperature in Huntington Beach today was 82 degrees–not sure what that is in degrees Celsius.  Regardless, we took a bike ride down to the beach and pier.  Here are some pictures of an hot Christmas in Southern California.

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Bought the last of the Christmas presents today.  As always, I spent more on myself than on others. We bought the new Trek 24 inch bicycle yesterday for the grandson.  Today I bought a paint-the-glass kit for the granddaughter.  And the complete TV series of Two Fat women for my daughter.  I have not seen any of the episodes, but she swears the two fat ladies going around England on cooking trips is hilarious.  I bought myself a DVD of Leonard Cohen in concert. Will watch it after posting this piece. (more…)

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I am sitting in an office in Irvine California looking out at blue sky and warm temperatures. Not quite the holiday feeling that pervaded Vancouver with dark, wet days and many bright lights. The holiday greetings are arriving fast and furious.  A few old-fashioned Christmas cards arrived on my desk from the more traditional companies.  And many emails carrying much the same message. (more…)

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When I was a kid on a mine in South Africa, the day after Christmas was truly Boxing Day.  The excitement of presents subsided and we got to play with the new toys at leisure.  There was no TV so we truly sat quietly and read the new books Santa had brought.  The servants were off for the day and our parents, every reluctant to cook, simply spread the left-overs from which we picked as fancy and appetite dictated.  The sun shone ever-bright and we dipped yet again into the mine swimming pool and got ever more burnt to produce today’s sun-scorched skin and cancers. (more…)

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Just a picture or two of a family & friend Christmas,  It is a time when you enjoy friends & family in spite of what they are rather than because of what they are.  When you recollect in celebration, in spite of all the mistakes, and laugh with equanimity at the disasters of the past year.  The winter solstice is past and the days grow longer as light returns and as Christian, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic, or Spiritualist, we gather together around a food-laden table.  As family and new and old-old friends. (more…)

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