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This is an obscure piece: to protect the innocent (or guilty as the case may be.) I obfuscate.  I am back in California as I write this, having used my Global Entry card for the first time—the stupid machine struggled to read my fingerprints.  (more…)

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Ours is a small consulting company serving the mining industry.  Most of us cycle to work.  We are part of the increase bicycle use in Vancouver as reported at this link, which notes in part: (more…)

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You have been selected as the consultant to the mining company; and the contract is signed.  Now you have to execute the project.  Get it done in other words.  Of course project management ability counts.  But there is a lot more involved.  Let me explain. (more…)

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    Most mines engage consultants.  Even the largest mines do not find it practical or economic to keep permanently on staff people to do those special, one-off projects that lead to new mines, efficient operation of existing mines, or close mines with a skeleton staff.  Most mines needs the expertise that consultants have, but which it is just not necessary for the mining company to keep in-house.  Examples of consultants include the specialized exploration geologist, financial planners for a take-over bid, geotechnical/tailings engineers for the design or expansion of a tailings facility, planners to compile closure documents, or regulatory experts to secure new permits. (more…)

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In my e-mail in-box was this request:

I was wondering if you could give me some idea of what Consultants are making (Mining Engineer with 6-8 years experience). You’ve mentioned that consultants are well paid but I’m interested to know what would be typical – partly because I’m about to take a job with a mining consultancy and the salary is significantly lower than an Australian offer I also have on the table as well as being significantly less than what my current job offers. I simply can’t find any real information for consultants. (more…)

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   I have spent the past thirty to forty years as a consultant, primarily to the mining industry.  There was a ten-year time-out when I consulted to the California landfill industry in order to tide over one of those down-turns in the mining industry.  But for the past five years I have been back at the mantle of mining.  During that time, I have, I think, worked to the benefit of my clients and helped advance the careers of some of the younger folk.  (more…)

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The start of Roundup prompts us to look at exploration salaries world-wide.  Luckily there is the CostMine survey Exploration Salaries, Wages & Benefits to help us do this. 

The survey reports on information from 162 exploration offices from 38 countries.  Information comes from 113 medium to large mining companies and 49 junior mining companies.  Salaries are reported for 104 exploration managers, 116 senior geologists, 136 project geologists, and 28 entry level geologists.  Also there is information from 50 independent consultant on what they charge to do exploration.


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