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Words cannot capture a day of intense impressions.  Yet let me try. Go east of Lima into the hills (as I did today) and see this:

  • Tailings clinging to the steep hills in defiance of gravity.
  • A mine closed by the government to perfection.  They know what they are doing!
  • Filter-pressed tailings transported fifty kilometers up 1000 m elevation to a new disposal site — economically?


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Yesterday I went to the 35th year anniversary celebration of the founding in Vancouver of SRK.  It was a grand affair in a fancy hotel overlooking the harbor.  Andy Robertson and Jim Robertson (no relation) who were the two originals were both there.  (more…)

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As a consultant you can only advise.  You cannot force.  You can only provide your professional opinion.  You cannot make the client do the right thing.  You can set out facts and possible consequences.  You cannot make the outcome be what you desire or believe it should be. (more…)

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Modern personnel management demands performance review.  There is a vast literature on the topic. And so I write nothing new or substantial here. (more…)

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In recent years we have seen more and more of what I choose to call the international take-over artists consulting companies.  They grow by buying smaller companies.  Their funding may be self-generated, raised on the stock market, or loaned from venture capitalists.  (more…)

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I am back in Santiago, having barely survived the long flights, excess food & drink in Business Class, and the two hours getting through Chile Immigration & Customs.  Seems like twelve planes arrived at the same time; I have never seen an airport anywhere as crowded and slow.  This is part of the life of a mining consultant: lots of glamour at the expense of extreme patience in line to see surly passport inspectors and those who believe you are smuggling packets of peanuts.  (more…)

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Today I rode up the trail between the trees & ferns dappled by sun & blue sky.  After a long uphill climb with leg muscles screaming in pain, I came on the downhill section.  Changing gears, I sped up and sped faster and faster down.  Coming on a turn I have taken many times, something went wrong. (more…)

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