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In one of the many article I read on the Mt Polley tailings failure was an estimate of what it will cost to get the mine going again.   A figure of $50 million was quoted as the cost to pick up all the tailings and return them to the tailings facility.  I imagine that figure is based on five million cubic meters of tailings at about $10 a cubic meter to pick up.  Here is why I suspect the figure is grossly low. (more…)

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Today the issue of the cost of tailings management arose yet again.  I have previously blogged on this topic–see this posting, also repeated below if you choose not to redirect.  Today in this posting, I repeat two of the answers I received from people who may know.  Contact me if you seek their names.  Here is the first answer to my queries: (more…)

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It costs between $1 and $40 a ton to build, operate, and close a mine tailings facility.  That is as specific as I was able to be when answering a question today in response to an enquiry from Australia.  There is a surprising paucity of data out there on the cost of tailings management.  We have details of salaries & wages.  We know the compensation of mining company executives.  We know how much it costs to engage and retain even the most expensive consultant.  But we have no data-base on tailings costs. (more…)

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In my email this past week was a missive from the news-editor of Mining.com.  He passed on a letter sent to him for possible publication.  I repeat the entire letter below.  It has the edge I like.  It has the honesty of an old man about to retire: I respect that.  It has the frustration of change; and we all know the feeling.  So here it is.  It was written by Jay Collins, P. Eng., President,  Merit Consultants International Inc. (more…)

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