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The guys from Mining.com told me today that the major news organizations contacted them asking for comments on the recent mining tragedy in Turkey.  The Mining.com guys had no comment.  “What do we know more than they do?  What can we say that adds to insight?” (more…)

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Today was a sad day.  The MET opera, watched live in a quiet and safe place, Coquitlam east of Vancouver, BC, was Aida.  Yet the national tragedy of the twenty-eight deaths in Connecticut overshadowed the tragedy of the opera.  (more…)

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Yesterday I posted a personal perspective on the deaths of many miners at the hands of police on the platinum mines of South Africa.  Since that posting things have gone from bad to worse.  There are more reports of more deaths.  And speech is getting more heated.  Here is one comment on a news report: (more…)

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A week of firsts.  The one I can write about is the start of summer and the first Bard on the BeachMacbeth in all its gory. (more…)

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With a blogger’s eye, today I celebrate the miners who perished in the sinking of the Titanic.  Their story epitomizes the story of all miners; people who go to the next ore body; the next mine; the next chance to earn an honest living; and who face dangers and death at every turn & move. (more…)

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This report should be mandatory reading for all in the mining industry.  If you are a Democrat you will believe it, and believe something should be done—particularly a change in the law and more enforcement of lax and dishonest mine operators.  If you are a Republican, you will ignore it, attack it, and say lives are secondary to employment.  Both are sort sighted and mean perspectives.  (more…)

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This morning’s e-mails brought this announcement from MiningWatch.  We congratulate Jennifer Moore who has been hired by MiningWatch to deal with the Marlin Mine in Guatemala.

It is with great excitement that we announce that Jennifer Moore has been hired on as our new Latin America Program Coordinator. Jennifer’s excellent skills and extensive experience as a writer, researcher, organizer, and project coordinator will be assets to MiningWatch and to our allies and partners. She has been based in Ecuador for most of the last four years, but Jennifer also has significant experience in the rest of the hemisphere, including the Canadian context where much of our direct advocacy and education efforts are focused. (more…)

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