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If you are interested in the use of geosynthetics in mining, or seek to use geosynthetics in mining, or need as a consultant to provide your client with advice on geosynthetics in mining, or you are a manufacturer or supplier of geosynthetics to mines, then you should join us March 10 to 12th on the upcoming EduMine webcast.

Here it the link to the course.  Click on it, get the details, and register.

I am proud to be joined by experts.  Terry Mandziak of SRK is beyond doubt the world’s leading expert on heap leach pads and their design, construction, operation, and closure.  And of course the use of geosynthetics in heap leach pads.  Terry is quiet, unassuming, unassertive—but his intellect is towering, his experience vast, and his engineering instinct superb.  I am lucky to have worked with him and I am certain you will find his webcast presentations instructive, insightful, and informative. He is one of a kind and the leader of the pack.

Tarik Hadj-Hamou is an old friend.  I owe him more than I can ever repay.  He taught me so much.  He is one of the old school of geosynthetics users having studied under Ed Kavazanjian and J.P. Giroud.  And he worked for and with them for many years and continues to do so.  He is congenial, of superb intellect, and a nice person,  His wife is the best cook I know.

I have also invited a few young fellows to make twenty-minute presentations on their geosynthetics.  They are the salesmen who promote and seek to sell their product.  I know them, I like them, I respect them, and I invite them to present because I am convinced the future is theirs.  You and they can and must solve issues in mining that I cannot even conceive.  Just drink one more more drink in my remembrance when you solve the new problems using geosynthetics.

So come join us.  It is cheap when you consider the cost of conference courses or conference attendance.  We already have registrants from around the world.  Join us and them and you need not travel or stay in lousy hotels in dangerous cities.  Do it all from home or the comfort of your office.  And please speak up: ask question; offer opinions; describe your case histories; and help us advance the cause of geosynthetics in mining.

Finally note that if you attend the webcast you will also get a free copy of the proceedings of the 2014 Conference held here in Vancouver on Geosythetic Solutions in Mining.

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Last week I needed to brush up on stability analysis of waste rock dumps or embankments as they are sometimes called.  I went to the obvious sources: EduMine.  I opened the course Design  and Operation of Large Waste Dumps by Tim Eaton and Scott Broughton. In the section on Analysis they present a masterful description of the various failure modes and how to analyse them. They add this on probability of failure: (more…)

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Last night we attended the International Mining magazine’s induction of new members of the Mining Hall of Fame.

It was a grand affair.  Many worthy folk in the mining industry were inducted.  I am told that the March or April issue of the magazine will document their achievements and contributions to mining.

I note only Andy Robertson who was inducted for these contributions:

  • Founding of Steffen Robertson and Kirsten, now SRK.
  • Founding of GemCom that now has the name Geovia.
  • Founding of InfoMine and EduMine, both of which I contribute to.
  • Founding of Robertson Geoconsultants for which I work.
  • Leading the way forward on responsible tailings management.
  • Leading the technology on acid mine drainage.

I might add that it was Andy who got me started on this blog.  Although he has had occasion to rue that lead and the blog, for on a number of occasions he has been asked to tell me to remove postings.  As a true gentleman, he has done so with discretion and dignity.

In his acceptance speech Andy thanked his family, his colleagues, and his clients–all of whom have supported his hard work.  He mentioned only one name:  Professor Jere Jennings who taught so many of us in mining geotechnology the basics of the art.  His contributions and memory live on in people of Andy’s caliber.


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EduMine has just posted at this link, a Spanish version of our (Bernard Brixel and my) course Introduction to Groundwater Modelling for Mines & Mining.

The English version has proven popular since it was first posted in 2013.  Now it will be easy for Spanish speakers to also do the course.

I must thank AngloGold Ashanti for sponsoring the translation.  We all owe them a vote of confidence.  For they support continuing education.

This course joins my other, associated course in English and Spanish on Groundwater in Mining.  Translation of that course was sponsored by Goldcorp.  Thanks too to them.

If you do the course, and see room for improvement, please let me know.

And keep in mind the other two courses on EduMine on groundwater modeling:

Groundwater Modeling for Mining 1 – Model Conceptualization.

Groundwater Modeling for Mining 2 –  Numerical Modeling

Bernard and my two courses and their Spanish translations are introductory–they will lead you into the topics so that you can plan, manage, review, and at the first cut, deal with groundwater in mining.  The two noted just above by my colleagues here in Robertson Geoconsultants, are detailed and best tackled once you have some background, knowledge, experience, and practical involvement.

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Just seen Minister Bennett say the Mt Polley loaded gun was underground and the trigger was the steep slope.  He could have added that the excess water in the reservoir was the bullet the gun fired.  A better metaphor of the breach than a line of falling dominos. The real question is where do we go from here? (more…)

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Today we completed a three-day EduMine webcast on  Mine Water Management.  Some thirty people from all over the world joined in.  Maybe you can join us next time we do this.  But for now, here are a few ideas on research opportunities in mine water management that came up during discussions. (more…)

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Today was a typical day in the life of a mining consultant.  One report was issued; one project put on hold; one request for proposals received; and a long discussion on how to deal with an obdurate client. (more…)

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