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Integral to any new mine or expansion of a mine is the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  If you seek to significantly expand the mine’s tailings, waste rock, or heap leach facilities, you may have to prepare a new or supplemental EIA.   Here are references to and extacts from some documents that we recently collected from the web.  I do not provide links—you can easiy find them via a Google search if you are inteested. (more…)

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Here is a heart-felt plea from Azael Barrera, PhD.  He sent this to me in an e-mail that arrived this morning.  Here is the full text of this morning’s e-mail.  I have edited a little to make it more readable. (more…)

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A Social License to Mine does not imply social peace.  There appears to be much confusion on these two concepts —  see this link which states:

We are not opposed to mining itself, but to its consequences, starting with the social conflicts that have left our families divided,” Maudilia Cardona, a local leader in the municipality of San Miguel Ixtahuacn, where the Marlin mine operates, told IPS. (more…)

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