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It is snowing in Vancouver.  Nothing sticking to the roads, but the trees are white and beautiful.  Nothing much to do outside or inside for that matter, so just  a few thoughts on mine waste disposal facility covers.

Slimes & Cement

The best cover is no cover.  If you can use the upper tailings or waste rock as the as the growth medium in which a stand of climax vegetation will flourish, you have the best cover. (more…)

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The weekend looms, so here is a roundup of the items I have saved for bogging about and that I know I will never get to unless I summarize now: (more…)

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On Saturday I posted a piece on the Pebble Mine.  Here is one of the comments on what I wrote—the commenter takes me to task for consulting to the EKATI Diamond mine, while questioning the need for and the practicality of opening the Pebble Mine.  First the comment and then my reply, which is an extended essay on the morality & ethics of diamond mining. (more…)

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I think the business section of the paper is consistently the most interesting; there is always some article which catches your eye. Today’s point of interest has a mining basis which relates to one of the major Northwest Territories diamond mines, Diavik.  In short, Rio Tinto is looking to sell its stake in the mine in order to focus on “expanding into more scalable and profitable commodities such as iron ore, copper and uranium” as their investment in diamond mining amounts to less than 2% of total profits. (more…)

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Most mines have a place where the miners eat.  Let us celebrate the cooks at these places by telling of the many fine meals we have enjoyed in these mining canteens. In celebrating cooks at mining canteens, I also seek to describe a job in mining that most do not write about.  If you like cooking, then maybe a job at a mine canteen is for you. (more…)

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Monday and to serious mining topics.  Today’s topic is mining impact benefit agreements.  I received an email from somebody asking me what I knew of the topic.  Very little in truth.  I sought help and this is the reply I received: (more…)

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    And hence from LA to the Canadian Northwest Territories and a lecture on mine safety.  I do not know the statistics, but in terms of focus, surely Ekati must be the most safety-conscious mine I have ever been on.  BHP can be justifiably proud of the attitude and actions of the people here who inducted me into the site’s values of Zero Harm, integrity, respect, win-win relationships, and high performance.   (more…)

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   SME is over and now we have time to slip the  CD of Preprints into the computer to read the technical papers.  The sad part is that most of those who presented talks did not bother to prepare a paper.  And no provision has been made to collect, disseminate, or archive their PowerPoint presentations.  So all that hard work and hot air is lost. 

Of the technical papers that do appear on the CD of Preprints, the most intriguing is entitled Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessment for Global Diversified Mining Group.  

The paper describes “a project undertaken for a multinational mining company to examine the physical risks from climate change across its international business operations.  The study addresses 163 components of the business including operating sites (mines, smelters, and refineries), key transportation routes (road and rail) and port links.”  Almost sounds like Rio Tinto, although the paper does not tells us which mining company commissioned the study.


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