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The builders of the great cathedrals had history, wisdom, and an innate understanding of gravity to guide them.  They erected edifices  of such magnificence that today we are still inspired and directed to a reverence for God.  How can such simple things as stone-on-stone, glass of crystal clarity, and paintings & statues still inspire us?  Is it simply the genius of the builders?  Or the edifices they created? Or is it innate admiration of great works that defy the conventions of nature? (more…)

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The American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 Daniel W. Mead Student Contest involves writing a 2,000 word essay on the following topic.   Below I write my own blog essay on the topic as it relates to civil engineers in mining—and there are many of us doing great work.  But first the essay topic.   (more…)

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On Saturday I posted a piece on the Pebble Mine.  Here is one of the comments on what I wrote—the commenter takes me to task for consulting to the EKATI Diamond mine, while questioning the need for and the practicality of opening the Pebble Mine.  First the comment and then my reply, which is an extended essay on the morality & ethics of diamond mining. (more…)

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