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Yesterday we walked in the forest behind the town house.  The sun shone through the trees and the boys ran with glee along the bright paths.  Their father stayed on the  dock vainly fishing.  The picture shows some of the fun. (more…)

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The story of tailings management is the story of application of a few basic principles.  All involve control of the forces of nature.  Once we worked on the  basis of observation and judgment.  Today we have computer codes for almost all and the work is done in back rooms by the junior engineers who feed printout to the senior engineers who still rely on judgment, albeit now quantified judgment.  Here follows a brief overview of these changes as they relate to the principles that always have and probably always will rule in the art, science, and engineering of tailings management. (more…)

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Geosynthetics have been used in constructing covers and access roads over soft tailings at the Cannon Mine, Wenatchee, at impoundments at Wismut, and most recently at Pond 5 at the Suncor oil sands tailings mine in Alberta.  We are currently evaluating similar technical procedures for a mine in Chile where we will build access roads over the soft tailings to enable big rigs to go to install deep wells to recover groundwater from beneath the impoundment to augment water supplies in a desert.  (more…)

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