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I gave up allegiance to the Anglican church in South Africa when it was still white dominated.   I decided the priests were venial, greedy liars. This was long before Desmond Tutu became the head of the church.  I always admired, however, his leadership and devotion to the cause of justice. Today I heard on the radio that Tutu is about to visit Fort McMurray to protest the cause of local First Nations, global warming, the Keystone Pipeline and all the other “causes.” Damn me.  The old guy has lost his touch if not indeed his mind.  Or is he just being paid lots of money to sprout platitudes by those with ulterior motives?  I suspect both. (more…)

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After a night of debauchery, I betook me to the local A&W for a Chubby Chicken.  First ate this magnificent “burger” at the A&W in Fort McMurray.  How could I resist another after such a night? (more…)

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A midnight sun shone on the overhang where we sat discussing telling the truth to regulators about mining matters.  A packet of cigarettes was consumed in these deep deliberations: should we, as miners, tell regulators everything, including the truth? It is a dry fly-in, fly-out site.  What else are you to do but sit, smoke, and talk? (more…)

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On the way to the airport this morning, I passed Dockers.  It is a nondescript place to eat on Powell Street right besides the Vancouver docks.  I have often stopped at this place to eat after a long ride on a sunny Sunday.  The interior is “original” with no pretensions.  The service is rough and ready.  The food is extraordinary: large; substantial; and cheap.  A great way to end a ride.  A great place to eat—try it sometime. (more…)

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Most mines have a place where the miners eat.  Let us celebrate the cooks at these places by telling of the many fine meals we have enjoyed in these mining canteens. In celebrating cooks at mining canteens, I also seek to describe a job in mining that most do not write about.  If you like cooking, then maybe a job at a mine canteen is for you. (more…)

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I have spent many hours in airports and planes going to remote mines.  In the past four years, I have spent even more time sitting in traffic jams en route to the oil sands mines north of Fort McMurray.  (more…)

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Is it possible to loose money mining gold?  Nobody wants to loose money mining gold.  In the sphere of lose journalism, it is possible to loose money mining gold.  Here is a part of one report on a company that “lost” money mining gold. (more…)

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