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South African and tailings history are now richer as a result of a new book on Fraser Alexander.  I have managed to obtain an e-copy of the entire book.  I presume I am permitted to send you a copy if you cannot obtain a hard-copy.  I am much indebted to those who arranged for me to get the e-copy.  I will put you in touch with them if you email me. (more…)

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Fraser Alexander was a foreman on a mine in South Africa in the early 1900s.  He was in charge of building the sand and rock dumps.  He did this mostly by experience and native skill.  One of the problems was the collapse of the advancing face that carried the coco-pans and their rail lines to the bottom of the dump. Fraser had a team of mules to collect this material for reuse. He was so well organized, he sat in his hut most of the day and watched the workers. This is where the mine manager found him, “doing nothing”, and so fired him. He went home to sit on the stoep and relax.  (more…)

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