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I collect Disney villians.  On the collection shelf are plastic characters including that nasty lion uncle from the Lion King, the fat lady from the Mermaid, the cruel one who stole the puppies, and many more.  Now there is another, a thin fellow from The Princess and the Frog.  He is into vodoo in New Orleans, and seeks to get his hands on the fortune of the richest man in town by a devious plot that includes the marriage of a servant of the Prince to the ditsy, rapcious daughter of the rich man.  Blood-filled vials and black-magic abound until, in a scene lifted straight from Don Giovanni, the villian is dragged into the jaws of hell by a troop of scary creatures.  (more…)

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Frogs and mining represent a far stretch.  But a posting at mga Kakaiban Kwento is fascinating enough to reconsider the issue.  In a remote part of Indonesia this is happening:

Bickford and Gillespie said the frog’s discovery adds urgency to the need to protect its river habitat, which in recent years has become polluted due to widespread illegal logging and gold mining. Once pristine waters are now brown and clogged with silt,they said. “The gold mining is completely illegal and small scale. But when there are thousands of them on the river, it really has a huge impact,” Bickford said. “Pretty soon the frogs will run out of the river.”

Bunch of frogs ! 


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