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Spain was a major source of gold to the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.  Today a Canadian mining company seeks to reopen or at least extend these old gold resources.  (more…)

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The news seems to be uniformly gloomy:  The ANC Youth League saying nationalization of mines must occur; Rio Tinto and BHP cutting staff and costs: Barrick’s credit rating downgraded because of Pascua Lama delays; and so on (more…)

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Tribes fighting tribes for control of resources, for revenge, and for the shear thrill of being young and vicious.  Here is a haunting picture from the New Yorker that has just published a superb piece by Jared Diamond in which he traces the deeds of Daniel Wemp in the New Guinea Highlands as he goes about organizing his relatives to kill in order to revenge the killing of his “beloved paternal uncle Soll.”  

Reading Diamond’s article, we soon come to realize the power of family and tribe to induce irrational loyalties, to induce murderous acts, and to substitute for the reason that is at the basis of a lawful society. 

In the Highlands of New Guinea, rival clans have often fought wars lasting decades, in which each killing provokes another.

On a seeming unrelated topics, I notice in a document the date of which I cannot establish and which seems to be issued by the Secretariat for the Ministry of Mine and Industries, Kabul, Afghanistan, the following: 


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