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All professors brag about the one lucky student who gets a job offer with a six-figure salary.  This is a medal proudly worn by the bragging academic.  Gives him/her status amongst peers, and the opportunity to recruit more students, the essential currency of teaching. (more…)

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   If you have just come across this posting, welcome.  It seems to rank high with Google.  The topic being mining salaries, wages, and executive compensation that is understandable.  There is indeed information on salaries in this posting, so please read on.  May I, however, urge you also to take a look at more recent postings on this blog on mining salaries, wages, benefits, and executive compensation.   Here are some links:

Now for the original posting:  From the National Association of Colleges and Employees (NACE), which bills itself as a site “dedicated to the employment of the college educated” comes this report on the salaries of new graduates:


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